March 2024

Jonathan presented his PhD work on doping of calcite with europium at the International Conference on Materials Engineering and NanoSciences (ICMENS) in Osaka, Japan.

February 2024

Frederick's work on an excel-based MC code for gamma-ray detector response - spectrum and efficiency - has been published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry!

January 2024

TPS 2024 - The annual meeting of the Taiwan Physical Society was held at National Central University in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Our research on Gold Nanoparticles was presented during the poster session.  

FMS 2024 - The 7th Frontiers in Materials Science conference was held at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our research on piezophotocatalyst materials ZnO and MoS2 was presented in the oral session on Materials for Energy and Environment. 

Happy New Year!

Maywelle has defended her undergraduate thesis! Congratulations!

Our paper in collaboration with Geodetic Engineering and the Solar PV Resource and Installation Assessment Using Geospatial Technologies (SINAG) project has been published. 

TPS Plenary session

TPS poster session

FMS Plenary session

August 2023

Ricky's paper "Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Shift of Biosynthesized and Functionalized Quasi-Spherical Gold Nanoparticle Systems" has been accepted for publication in RSC Advances. Good job!

August 2023

Jonathan successfully defended his PhD thesis "Incorporating Sn2+, Sr2+ and Eu2+ Ions into Calcite for Potential Light Absorber and Emitter Applications." Congratulations! 

June 2023

Louise and Tricia successfully defended their undergrad Theses with titles "Energy Harvesting Using Piezoelectric PVDF Nanogenerators For Low Frequency Bending Loads" and "Topology Optimization of Bimorph Cantilevered Piezoelectric PVDF Energy Harvesters for Low-Frequency Applications," respectively. Congratulations! 

May 2023

A laboratory demonstration for 3D printing and ultrasonic homogenization was held last May 19, 2023, for Material Engineering students of the Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering, UP Diliman. The demonstration was coordinated through Assistant Professor Ricky Kristan Raguindin. The event was conducted to introduce the students to the proper use of the equipment as well as its potential applications.

May 2023

Ricky's proceedings paper "Dependence of gold nanoparticle formation on Muntingia calabura and Lagerstroemia speciosa extract amounts" is now published in Materials Today: Proceedings. This paper is a green chemistry route in the production of AuNPs.

January 2023

James successfully defended his thesis on  the "Piezo-Photocatalytic Effect of ZnO-MoS2 Nanoflakes on the Efficiency of Catalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange." Congratulations!

We attended the Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Physical Society this January. It was a great meeting and it was inspiring to meet our MECOTECO collaborators. 

November 2022

Ricky presented his paper at the 6th ICMEN (Nov 5-7) and two group presentations at the 2nd ICMSEP (Nov 25-26). Congratulations Ricky for the best presentation award! CCM attended SEIPI-ASEMEP (Nov 16-18) 

September 2022

The E-MRS is ongoing at the Warsaw University of Technology. Enzo's talk is entitled "Bilayered CuBi2O4/CuO nanocomposite films for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction" in the session Photoelectrocatalysis III of Symposium Q: Advanced catalytic materials for (photo)electrochem. energy conversion III.

August 2022

Enzo has successfully defended his thesis on "Bilayered CuBi 2 O 4 /CuO Nanocomposite Films for the Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO 2." His abstract was also accepted at the European MRS this September. Best wishes on your talk!

June 2022

Jonathan is now in Houston! He is starting his OIL-COOPERATE-funded sandwich program at the University of Houston in Prof. Guloy's Lab. 

Enzo's review paper on copper ternary oxides has been accepted for publication. Congratulations Enzo! Link in the publications tab.

May 2022

Ricky has successfully defended his thesis entitled "Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Shift of Biosynthesized and Functionalized Quasi-Spherical Gold Nanoparticle Systems."


January 2022

Happy New Year!

Ricky's paper "A micro-composite prodrug and its theranostic potential" is published. Congratulations Ricky! 

November 2021

The UP Materials Science Society Research Round-up was held to showcase the various research activities at the department. Our research on piezoelectric ceramic, polymers, and hybrid devices was presented.

October 2021

The 2021 Metallurgical Conference (MetCon2021) was held virtually last Oct. 22. Four undergraduate research works from the group were presented.  Below are snaps of the title pages.

September 2021

CCM will be joining project SINAG headed by Dr. Principe. See this link for more information:

September 2021

Can capiz shells be a good substrate for perovskite solar cells? Jonathan's new paper gives some insights. 

April 2021

Jonathan's paper with title: "Substitution of Ca2+ in Calcite by Sn2+ and Sr2+ Cations through Ion Exchange characterized by X-ray Absorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopies" in collaboration with SLRI Thailand has been accepted for publication! Congratulations!

April 2021

The paper below was presented at the International Conference in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / online conference) 

February 2021

It's now 2021, research is slowly starting in the laboratory. Let us keep doing science. I just want to give an update on the activities of the lab during 2020:

Congratulations to 2020 graduates Cidne, Kitkat, John Karlo, Jolina, Martin, and Renee!

November 2020 

CCM presented for her PHINMA professorial chair lecture, the work on Ambient Energy Harvesting.  

August 2020

CCM started as Department Chair. Congratulations! (photo below from virtual Freshmen Orientation) 

July 2020

The paper by Cam, James, and Drix is out! Please have a look at MRS Communications recently published.

June 2020 

Gel, Dana, and Liezl presented their work in the American Chemical Society's 24th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering virtual meeting.

November 2019

Our paper on Cr(VI) adsorption was presented at the International Mineral Processing Conference in Antalya, Turkey; CCM chairs the session on development.

July-August 2019

Cidne and Kitkat are back after summer internship at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. They also presented at the International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Composites. Congratulations!

July 2019  

Graduate students Jonathan Junio, Ricky Raguindin, Enzo Gonzaga, and James Narvaez defended their proposals.  Good job guys!  May 2019 - Cy, Justine, Vinz, Kezia, Dana, Gel, and Liezl successfully defended their undergrad theses. Congratulations!

May 2019 

Ricky and Cam attended the International Forum on Biomedical Devices and Drug Discovery Research. Looking forward to future collaborations!  

April 2019 

Michael, Hazel, and Rey's paper has been accepted! Congratulations!


  • Open opportunity for undergraduate thesis research. Please email for more details.

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